Kinect is the start of a cool technology

You all probably know by now that I hate motion controls. I’ve probably said it somewhere here, along with my hate for 3D. So why do I think Kinect will lead to something awesome?


Yes, THIS.

That’s easy, actually. It will lead to further ease of access in home and business computing. Imagine walking into your office, speaking out “Open folder: Case 308”, having all the contents of the file on your screen, and being able to easily organize multiple documents to display on screen for comparisons, study, or even presentations and meetings. At home? Similar functions with music and video could come to fruition (which is already on display with Kinect).

Notice what I didn’t mention in that last paragraph? Yep, gaming. I’m in no way excited for the gaming aspect of Kinect. I think it’ll be too awkward, and although it’ll have function (such as RTSes being controlled à la Minority Report, which would be awesome), for the large percentage of games, I don’t think it’ll work.

Then again, there’s a reason Kinect isn’t a stand-alone platform (at least, as of my guess); it’s a tech demo. With Kinect, Microsoft can properly test the capabilities of their motion sensor system, and easily calibrate it to perfection (or as close as possible). What better way to do this than with gaming? It requires the camera to capture sensitive movements quickly. If it performs well in a gaming environment, it’s surely ready for the home computer world. And soon enough, Tom Cruise will be in a police station bringing up pictures of every suspect on a 70″ widescreen HDTV and organizing them by hand, as a probability program calculates who most probably committed the crime.

Yes, I want this in my home.


~ by The Slurpee Man on June 30, 2010.

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