20 with chicken pox

So, how did chicken pox feel for you? Chances are you don’t remember the great feeling that is the disease of the chicken pox, you’re just relieved you had it before.

I wasn’t so lucky.

If you’re wondering where I was while I wasn’t updating, I had the chicken pox for the last week. For those who don’t remember it, let me clearly give my description. I begin by summing it up; it was the worst thing ever.

It started off by pulling me out of work with a large headache and stomach ache. Those symptoms continued, but then pox started appearing everywhere and the disease was confirmed. My head couldn’t rest in certain positions because the pox in my hair were painful to sleep on. Imagine getting punched in the head; that’s what sleeping on a pox felt like. As well, because of this, I developed a horrible muscle pain in my trapezius muscles. This, along with the itchiness, made it impossible to sleep. Not to forget that the rest of my muscles made me feel as tense as someone who just swam the English Channel. Last, but not least, were the pox on the bottom of my foot, making it a pain to walk flat footed and forcing me to walk on my toes or the sides of my foot.

The bright side? The pox had a horrible sense of direction, and thankfully, left my face unscathed for the most part. A mark on my cheek, a couple on my nose, but otherwise, my face is still sexy. My forearms are relatively clean as well. Yep, the pox, for the most part, stayed to the back and the chest, places where I can easily hide them (or, if it gets to the point where I am naked, won’t care to have them). As well, they really only lasted a week, and the harshest symptoms only stayed less than that. I only had two nights of sleep where I really had trouble.

So, how bad was it really? People say it’s worse when it’s older, but I actually can compare it to both my brothers, who had it within the same time frame. One caught it at 19, and had barely any effects, and the one who is 14 had it the worse. So for us, nope, it’s not worse for the older… until you consider we both lost about $800 combined in wages.

So I agree; it’s worse to have the pox when you’re older.


~ by The Slurpee Man on June 29, 2010.

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