Another soiling of the GoldenEye name in video games

MGM Interactive should retire the GoldenEye name from video games, because as it stands, the name is becoming less and less of an icon. The 1997 release, GoldenEye 007, became an instant icon, and pushed console FPSes to a place they had never been before. Since then, there have been attempts to gain off the name.

First of all was GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. Similar to the first game only in name, it met lackluster reviews, and probably caused the angry cries of thousands of gamers saying, “What the hell is this? This isn’t GoldenEye!” On the other hand, at least it wasn’t trying to be, and gamers everywhere would only accept basically an update of the same game. And that was about to happen some time in 2008, but no deal could be done to get the game on both the Wii’s Virtual Console and the 360’s Xbox Live Arcade.

Fast forward to today, and Activision officially reveals their “remake” of GoldenEye on the Wii. Most people cheered; instead, I held my breath. With good reason apparently. According to Kotaku, there are many changes, even so much so as to axe the Brosnan Bond and put in the Craig Bond, as well as making it play similar to Call of Duty (see regenerative health and perks for splitscreen multiplayer). The video that was leaked yesterday (and probably replayed today officially) also helped to get to that conclusion, as it showed close-quarters insta-kills not related to slappers.

Alright, for legal reasons, we can’t expect the same game to come out. At this point, it seems like Microsoft and Nintendo won’t make friends. Rather than a cool refresh, this game will be a butcher knife to the original cartridge. A great thing about GoldenEye was how simple it was. It didn’t take much for someone to get into the game and have fun, the multiplayer didn’t give experienced players too large of an experience gap (and even added handicaps, both in options and characters [Oddjob, Jaws]), and if you were bored, you could turn on cheats and make scientists dance. This will probably be none of that. It’s not that the Call of Duty system is bad, but it’s bloated, and made for straight-line combat. Online will always play a certain way, and give advantages to certain combinations. In all, this isn’t the GoldenEye that we all knew, and this isn’t the GoldenEye that I want either.


~ by The Slurpee Man on June 15, 2010.

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