Random encounters and set save points are evil

I’m really wanting to kill some of the designers of Lost Odyssey these days. You see, after a year long hiatus from the game, I decided to play the game because of all the JRPG talk (with FFXIII coming out and all). I figured out what to do again and got with it, and the game was getting fun again. So I decided, why not before going to beat the final boss, go beat all the optional bosses? Easy enough, until I got to backtracking.

See, it’s not like what I run into is hard, but in pretty much every area, there are random encounters. Being the only way to encounter normal enemies in a turn-based RPG, they are unavoidable. Other games have placed No Encounters spells or items, but in Lost Odyssey, there isn’t one. Making it worse is the Temple of Enlightenment, which I kid you not, is one of the most godawful, annoying dungeon.

And it brings me to another point, set save points. There are only two save points in the dungeon; one at the start, and one at the middle. You only have that point before the boss to save at, and if you don’t beat the boss, you have to keep going through the puzzle of a dungeon with a shitload of random encounters.

I guess I should explain why I hate both these features. First of all, a set save point doesn’t create difficulty; it only creates annoyance. It’s an archaic style, and considering that I don’t have the time and patience to do all of the backtracking to get to a save point. As well, random encounters only make a game longer and more frustrating. If you must keep them, at least have a no encounters item.

~ by The Slurpee Man on March 31, 2010.

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