Facebook fan pages are completely pointless

I always wondered what the point of fan pages on Facebook were. When they were first created, groups existed and gave about the same amount of information. Basically, they evolved into pages for celebrities and bands and such, so you could think you’re closer to them (as if you’re friends with them, but not really). It would have been fine if it had been kept to that, but nope.

Since basically anyone can make a fan page, you get pages to become a fan of “My day was going fine, until your stupid ass showed up” or “I can tell when something is wrong with you”. As well, we now get the stupid “Become a fan to see this irrelevant picture of a random thing” pages as well.

Maybe I’m being too cynical; I can just ignore these. Sadly, these have also gotten rid of the popularity of groups, which have just as much functionality, yet are much more open.

Sigh, maybe, I’m just getting old.

~ by The Slurpee Man on March 14, 2010.

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