Cars that I wish were sold in North America

I’m sure you remember how in the past two years, two of the big three car companies in the USA have needed a bailout. While GM eliminated many of its vast number of brands (Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, nearly Saab), Chrysler instead was bought by Fiat. Because of that, the Fiat Nuova 500 will be coming to North America sometime in late 2010 (possibly December), and some other small cars will likely follow. While Fiat really doesn’t have much to offer, the Fiat Abarth 500 is quite a good little car. It only has 130ish horsepower, but weighs nothing. It’ll probably be quite inexpensive as well, while maintaining a stylish interior. Only time will tell whether people are willing to accept Fiat back into the market. They once had the reputation of being unreliable, and while they’ve changed now, I doubt that the 500 will sell out like it did in Europe.

All that being said, the Abarth 500, while a great car, isn’t the only car I’d bring over if I had the chance. In fact, it isn’t the most desirable of the ones I’d bring over, to be honest.

Renault Twingo/Clio V6

While admittedly, I wouldn’t mind if the whole Renault line-up came to North America (again), these two are my favourites. The Twingo is basically the main competitor to the 500 previously mentioned, except it looks better. The car itself isn’t much special, but the Renaultsport version is the one I’d look to. About the same power as the Abarth 500, a bit heavier, but probably more spacious and practical. And it would be a bit cheaper too, as it is currently cheaper in Europe.

The Clio V6 Renaultsport, on the other hand, isn’t sensible at all. It’s a rear-engined, sports hatch. It has around 250 hp, and looks kind of ridiculous, in a good way. It’s that kind of car dreamed out of a child’s head: completely unpractical, large vents, yet horribly fun.

Ford Focus RS

Yes, the Ford Focus is already in North America. There’s only one problem with the American Focus: it blows. While I would replace the NA Focus with the European Focus in a heartbeat, I wouldn’t even look at the rest of the Focus models. None of them can be the awesome that the Focus RS is. Based on their RS WRC rally car, it is ridiculously powerful, without taking away anything that would make a relatively sizable hatchback great. The only thing that does blow is the turbocharger (and it’s supposed to, if you didn’t get the joke).

Holden HSV Maloo

I don’t like trucks, let’s get that out there first of all. I don’t see the point. Europe isn’t big on trucks, so this comes from Australia. Now, this one would have came to North America if it hadn’t been for Pontiac going down the train (as the G8 Sport Truck, based off the G8, which, subsequently, is based off the Holden Commodore). And this would have been the only truck I’d love to see. It has a Corvette engine in it, and is the fastest truck in the world. Not only that, but unlike every single other truck, this one doesn’t hide at the sight of a corner. Best of all, it actually looks good.

~ by The Slurpee Man on March 10, 2010.

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