My Bucket List

I’ve actually been thinking about this a bit lately. Like some past articles, it was brought up, and I couldn’t just make a short list without explaining it. I’ve got a lot of life goals, and while some are ridiculous, some are quite possible. Hell, I could even finish at least two of these in the next year if I tried enough.

Already Completed

High-Five a Bear: Probably my greatest achievement yet out of these. While people will contest it, my palm was in contact with the paw of a black bear. I have a witness as well who will vouch for me. Sure, the bear was in a bear trap (not one of those classic ones, it’s closer to a cage), but I high-fived him.

See all my favourite bands in concert: This one is only partially completed. I’ve seen two of my top 3 bands already (Porcupine Tree and Opeth), and if all goes right, I can probably see two more (Dream Theater and Iron Maiden) this summer in one concert. Add Metallica and Rush to that list as well, and I’d consider this complete.

The Yet To Happen

Go Skydiving: The easiest on my list so far. When it gets nice, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe a couple of friends will go with.

Do a lap around the Nurburgring: This one, while not too far fetched and out of reach, just requires me to have a car and be in Germany. I’d personally rather do it in a relatively decent car. I wonder if rental cars have rules against Nurburgring use.

Tour Pripyat, Ukraine: Tours do go through Pripyat, but they’re quite limited. The main reason for this is just to see how much a screw-up can affect an environment personally. We’ve all seen pictures, but I’d imagine it would be much more chilling to see it personally.

Fire one round of a Barrett M82: It’d be hard to get my hands on the M82 .50 Cal (IIRC, Barrett only sells it to the military), but it would be completely awesome to hold that much power at one press of the trigger. Sure, a bazooka would be more powerful, but I’m willing to doubt that I’ll be able to hold that.

Drive/own a Ferrari: Because I doubt the Ferrari dealership in Toronto will let me test drive a new 458 Italia, this one probably won’t happen for a long while. Sure, you can buy a Ferrari for as low as $17,000 USD, but chances are you’ll be stuck with a Mondial, one of the ugliest Ferraris ever made, nor will it probably be any good.
Alternative: Own a Nissan GT-R. My favourite car, but currently at $101,000 CAD new.

Be flown in an F-16 or better: I’m sure you can pay an extravagant amount to make this happen, just not sure how much. Possibly more attainable than the Ferrari/GT-R goal.

As of now, those are the only ones I really have. Any other ones are just too ridiculous for me to even put on a bucket list.

~ by The Slurpee Man on March 5, 2010.

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