Me at age 4

I’m going to post a picture. It is an insight into my life when I was a four year old.

A picture I captioned at age 3/4.

Would you believe that my parents framed this?

…okay, so not really. Basically, I was a mischievous kid. I was smart, but those smarts were put to bad use. For example, I was able to read at age two. My mom and I went to meet our kindergarten teacher before the school year, and she was confident that I couldn’t read a book, but only flash cards.

Couldn't find a good enough picture with a kid reading

And this is what I did on Friday night...

So, in the first week of school, the teacher had left the classroom. On her desk was her diary. Thinking of no better way to tell her that I could read, I took the diary, and read it aloud to the classroom. She’ll never doubt a student again.

As well, I didn’t have a problem with wetting the bed (thankfully), but I have gone in odder places. One night, instead of going to the washroom, I went inside the fridge. I don’t know how to explain that one. Even worse, once, I couldn’t hold back a crap, and I went in my uncle’s new shoes.

Okay, so maybe those didn’t explain my genius. But I was a pimp, I did things whenever and where ever I pleased, and I handled the chicks like no other.

If only I were 4 again…


~ by The Slurpee Man on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “Me at age 4”

  1. Jeje. I don’t really remember my childhood, but I sure as hell didn’t urinate in someones shoes or the fridge…

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