Super Bowl XLIV

I’ll be honest: it is really hard for me to pick this Super Bowl. Both the Saints and Colts seem about equal. Although nearly everyone in sports media is picking the Colts (as well as most video games), I’m not convinced that the decision is that easy. I’ll try to break it down.

Colts Offense vs. Saints Defense

The Saints defense has really improved this year. Adding the veteran Darren Sharper has given the defense big play opportunities. We know they are going to blitz the hell out of Manning. Yet, all of that won’t affect Peyton. We saw, against the blitz-happy Jets defense, Peyton pick apart every flaw. The Colts don’t let Manning hit the ground, and the Saints won’t get to him.
Advantage: Colts

Saints Offense vs. Colts Defense

The Colts defense has also improved, but they are still very young. The key is whether Dwight Freeney can play at full speed. If he can, then the defense could have a chance to keep Brees moving where he doesn’t want to be and make him throw some errant passes, but without Dwight, the Colts won’t get much more of a pass rush than the Vikings did. The young corners could get ripped up by the Saints.
Advantage: Saints

Special Teams Battle

The Colts have never been special on special teams. They don’t have a great return game, and they can make mistakes defending returns. That gives Reggie Bush a chance to be big, as he’ll be a threat on every punt return (although this game being a shoot-out, we might not see many). As for the kicking game, the Colts win with experience. Whether Stover or Vinateri kicks, there is Super Bowl champion experience kicking. Garrett Hartley’s big moment came last week, and we’ve yet to see him on a big stage. Despite all that, it won’t come down to field goals. Big plays will win the game, and the Saints special teams gives more.
Advantage: Saints


While the Saints win the break down 2-1, it’s not that clear cut. Personally, I believe whatever defense comes to play will win. Although at the start of the week, I was leaning towards the Colts, it’s hard for me not to go for the Saints.

Final Score: Saints 38, Colts 31

P.S.: Yep, I have polls now. Don’t expect one every day, I’m just throwing them in with certain articles. The theme might need a bit of work.

~ by The Slurpee Man on February 5, 2010.

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