3D TV, will it succeed?

This year, the technological world has had an obsession with 3D TV. While TV manufacturers have already been working on the technology, it didn’t come into the spotlight until this year itself. Avatar was the climax of all this obsession, but other events were put in 3D:  the Dallas Cowboys broadcast their game in 3D (on the big screen in the stadium where the game was played, winning stupidest use of scoreboard ever), ESPN will start an all 3D channel, just to name a few. All signs show that there will be enough support from the media for it to succeed. But will it succeed in the viewer’s home?

First of all, if it isn’t obvious yet, you will have to buy a new TV. And I’m assuming that didn’t bother anyone, since they were planning to upgrade as soon as possible anyways. Add onto that a pair of special glasses which cost $100. We should assume only one pair comes with the TV, so everyone else will be watching a really blurry screen. Another bunch of upgrades, and you’re set for 3D. And again, I shall assume there’s a market for this. People won’t wonder whether it’s practical, just that it’s new and their neighbour doesn’t have one.

The question is whether an average human could stand watching a TV in 3D for a whole day. Sure, the novelty would be cool for a while, if you’re lucky. Most people report that they get nauseous after watching 3D TV, even myself. I tolerated Avatar in 3D (didn’t make the movie worse, but it didn’t make my head ache any less), and I’ve never liked 3D events. Others do get nauseous as well (which is the reason the Cowboys cut their 3D experiment short; the fans complained about nausea). But even if you don’t, you’ll get to the moment when your friends come over, and unless you’re all drunk, you’ll all look at each other, and ask yourself why you are such tools.

~ by The Slurpee Man on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “3D TV, will it succeed?”

  1. ya 3d with sports might look kool but I don’t know about other programming

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