The iPad… yeah.

If you’ve been near the internet today, you would know that Apple released their new Tablet PC, the iPad earlier today. The surprise (to me, at least) is that everyone is impressed. Basically, Steve Jobs is doing nothing but making the iPod Touch larger, while taking away the big upside to it: portability.

"Don't worry shareholders, it'll print money soon enough."

The good thing about both the iPod Touch and the iPhone, is that they both make use of the touch screen. They’re too small for a keyboard, and therefore, the touch screen gives it more functionality and versatility. While the touch screen is snappy and responsive, it’s really annoying to type on. And while Apple aims to aim to compete with e-readers (we already know my opinion on those), with the price range and functionality that Apple aims to offer, I prefer to compare it to a netbook.

Of course, because of the target market, I can’t really criticize the lack of a physical keyboard… except that they want it to reshape the textbook. So, I can’t help but wonder if a touch screen can really be a proper replacement for a keyboard when trying to type out notes. Because of the size, it kind of eliminates the ability to type as if you are texting. Therefore, one would have to assume that when taking notes on it, they’d have the iPad function as a keyboard. First of all, will it be responsive enough? Second of all, will it be strong enough that someone like I, who puts about 6 N of force into every single keystroke (fear the typing hands of Thor) for the screen to survive? In this case, a netbook has the superior functionality, and in some cases, the better price.

(An important addition: an iPad specific keyboard will be available for $69. Bluetooth keyboards can be connected to it as well. Doesn’t help it for portability in comparison to a netbook though.)

Okay, so I was probably the only one thinking this way. Instead, the internet decided to hammer down on the failure, on the part of the iPad, to be a good media player. “But if it’s a larger iPhone, how could it go wrong?”, you ask. A fair question, but again, we must compare target markets. The iPhone is at the forefront when it comes to media… when it is compared to other smart phones. The iPad will then come short… really short. First of all, it displays in 4:3. Same as that old tube TV you have. And since now, most videos do display widescreen, there’s less video and more black lines above and below your image.

“But YouTube can run in 4:3, so why should I care?”, you exclaim. Poor soul, the iPad doesn’t do flash. No YouTube for you.

“Oh well, I can run some sweet custom apps, all at once”, you then reply. Oh, sorry. The iPad doesn’t do multitasking at all, and there’s a closed app service. Only what Apple gives you, you get.

If you include the fact that the highest amount of storage you can get is 64 GB, and that it can come with optional 3G coverage, it’s hard to think that Apple really did create something that could run in the netbook market. Or in the e-Reader market for that case. Basically, this is nothing but an enlarged iPod Touch or iPhone. And sadly, it’ll sell like hotcakes.

Good job me, I didn’t make a reference to the name in the article at all… haha, iPad.

~ by The Slurpee Man on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “The iPad… yeah.”

  1. Nice post and I completely agree with you, but you’re missing the big picture. Apple is a business out to make money and Steve Jobs is a brilliant salesman and marketing genius. By producing a product that is missing a humongous list of what we would consider “standard features”, they have left themselves an open door to produce a new model on a yearly basis with “new” features that *everyone* needs. And since it’s something that everyone needs, said everyone will need cough out the cash and upgrade.

    Do you know the best bit? The fact that their marketing department is so amazing they actually get away with it! Could you imagine any other company with any other product in the world that could attempt this and not simply get laughed at and shunned? They even market these “improvements” as both new, exciting and innovative features to the unknowing public and are able to sell themselves as a company that cares and does what their fans want by adding something that everyone knows should have been in there in the first place.

    I’ve got my money on iPad 2.0 coming with “new, amazing and innovative” multitasking, iPad 3.0 to come out with “new, amazing and innovative” flash enabled browser and iPad 4.0 to come with “new, amazing and innovative” power button that allows you to turn the device on.

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