Extra (Exclusive) Content… GAAAAAAAH!

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of it by now, but if you’re not, then you should know that companies are selling extra content (already in the game) through limited editions. I don’t know who the first to do it was, but the first publicized game that I could think of was Battlefield: Bad Company (with their Gold edition, giving extra guns for online play). The community was a bit ticked off, but they still bought it.

Another game close to my heart, Forza Motorsport 3 did this as well, giving people who bought the limited edition five extra (and highly sought out) cars (as well as VIP membership). These cars weren’t DLC, but instead, you downloaded a VIP key. If you didn’t have the VIP key, you were teased by the cars, and saw them in the car dealership with a nice big “locked” symbol on it, with no clue how to unlock them if you were never informed.

Other games got in the act as well. Assassin’s Creed II had extra areas and missions for people who bought the “Master Assassin’s Edition” (or “Black Edition” in Europe/Australia). Mass Effect 2 will get in on the act with extra armours for those who buy the limited edition.

I guess I should get to the point though. While many of these don’t affect gameplay enough to matter, it doesn’t mean that you can base a limited edition, at a $10-$20 price jump around that. Sure, you’ll give me an extra behind-the-scenes disc, or some fancy packaging, but I’d like to see developers tell me that the small bit of content is really worth it.

Moreover, if you are going to offer the extra content, don’t put it in the game for those who didn’t buy it. Imagine racing on Forza 3, seeing your opponent is driving a Corvette ZR1, and then going to buy it, to find it locked. It’s not surprising that there are a boatload of topics on the official site asking where it is, because they never mentioned how to get it in the first place on the normal disc.

I guess I can’t expect this to change, unfortunately. With DLC getting stronger in the market, it seems like this and incompletion in games is going to become more commonplace, sadly.

~ by The Slurpee Man on January 9, 2010.

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