The 2010 NFL Playoffs

The playoffs have arrived for the NFL, and who knows, we may be surprised. Teams like Dallas and San Diego are coming in on a hot streak, while New Orelans and New England have to figure some things out. Either way, rather than putting a big analysis on every single team, I’m going to pick the games.

Wild Card Weekend

(6) Philadelphia 31, (3) Dallas 20
(4) Arizona 27, (5) Green Bay 24

(4) Cincinnati 38, (5) New York Jets 10
(6) Baltimore 14, (3) New England 6

Analysis (Well, I had to explain the picks):
Starting off with the Eagles/Cowboys game, it comes down to mistakes yet again. And Philadelphia never make the same mistakes twice. Donovan McNabb will hit those deep passes, the defense won’t let Dallas run down the field again with such ease, and they’ll perform better as a whole. Green Bay lost their most important defender in Charles Woodson, and that will hurt them against the Cardinals. While Al Harris is still a great corner, he can’t handle all three of Arizona’s great recievers (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston).

The Bengals won’t be resting players this time around, and I’m betting Ocho Cinco will be out for revenge and have a big day. If Carson Palmer can get that passing game going, then they will wreak havoc on the Jets, who I believe are undeservingly in the post season. As for the Ravens, I think they’ll have a much easier time on defense if they don’t have to defend Wes Welker. That being said, if Fred Taylor gets going for the Patriots, then this game could easily go the other way.

Divisional Round

(6) Philadelphia 45, (1) New Orelans 31
(2) Minnesota 28, (4) Arizona 17

(1) Indianapolis 34, (6) Baltimore 7
(2) San Diego 30, (4) Cincinatti 14

I believe the Saints have too many problems to be successful against the quick strike Eagles offense. I believe the game will be a shoot-out, but in the end, the Eagles will be victorious. Minnesota doesn’t have as many problems as everyone are saying, on the other hand, and will take care of Arizona pretty handily. This assumes that Jared Allen and the Minnesota defensive line can get pressure on Warner.

The rest will do the Colts good here. Against a team who plays physical football (usually), they will be able to outwork the Ravens in the later quarters (to explain, I only expect the score to be 10-7 at half) and come away with a big win. San Diego is just dangerous right now, and I don’t think the Bengals can do it.

Conference Finals

Philadelphia 35, Minnesota 28
San Diego 40, Indianapolis 21

Both teams are long due for a Super Bowl. That doesn’t explain the whole story though. I believe this will be the point where Favre shows some wear, and Sidney Rice won’t be able to get as open against Asante Samuel. AP might be a threat, but with the Eagles offense getting quick points, he could be taken out of the game plan. As for San Diego, I find they’re just too strong on both sides of the ball. They’ve been extremely hot of late, and will continue that into the playoffs.

So there, according to me, there will be a Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers (which I already posted in my New Year predictions, actually). But who will win? Good question. Instead of picking this game now (because chances are every single prediction I make here will be wrong), I’ll wait until the actual Super Bowl comes.

~ by The Slurpee Man on January 5, 2010.

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