Over-analyzing the Pokemon world…

On some days, I have too much time on my hand. Especially the past two days. On days like so, I do a lot of thinking, yet of things that are completely useless. While that explains why I’m writing a blog and not doing something more productive, it also brings me to conclusions that a more focused (or sane) person wouldn’t even get close to. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Pokemon world, and how odd it really is. There are some things that, while not needing to be explained, probably bring up a few thoughts.

The hard question.

She bred with a Ditto. That must be it.

Did you ever wonder who Red’s (or Ash, if you’re living by the anime’s names) father was? Did you wonder who half the kids’ fathers were? There is a large lack of fathers in the Pokemon world. Sure, there are a few NPC fathers, but I can only recall, off the top of my head, one in the first generation to begin with. Red never had a father, Blue doesn’t even have parents (Oak is his grandfather). Even in the second generation, you still go without a father.

Sure, there’s nothing seemingly wrong with the single mothers, but when there’s such a low amount of paternal figures, you wonder how much tail the guys actually get in this world. And also makes you wish that your character wasn’t 10, all of a sudden. Of course, this is fixed in the third generation (that kind of blows anyways) when you actually have a gym leader of a dad.

Second of all, both Johto and Kanto seem to be running in anarchy. I’ve always thought of the Pokemon world as a socialist/communist world, but it really is anarchy. There’s a very small amount of police force, and the only justice dealt is vigilante justice. I guess it makes sense though, because criminals in the world don’t even know how to use force when necessary, despite being capable of it.

Other observations would just be grasping at straws though, because we could wonder what is in a pokeball, and how do insanely large pokemon fit in it. Or why there are never pokemon attacks on humans. Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

~ by The Slurpee Man on December 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Over-analyzing the Pokemon world…”

  1. I think this fits pretty well.

  2. Pokemon world is a Socialist/Communist or both are basically the same with a small difference but more of Communist world because the people doesn’t have a government there is free food and free health care money almost got no value. Rocketto-dan(Team Rocket) Is seen as evil Capitalist force that tries to earn money by selling Pokemon for profit. But the lack of government is the hardest evidence since there is no countries only regions which are controlled by the “people” if you read the Communist manifesto you will see this at the very first.

  3. Fuk thats so true and funny i love it

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