Modern Warfare 2’s maps: Disappointing

Before I get to the article, a small update for my two readers: Sorry for the lack of updates, work and lack of subjects to write on are giving me writer’s block. I will have more soon, and will have a 2009 recap up soon. Without further ado, article begin!

Yeah, so I’ve been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2 online. I believe I’ve already clocked in a day of play time. I definitely don’t regret buying the game, but I doubt that I’ll get the 12 days of playtime that I got with CoD4 here, and for one reason: The multiplayer maps. They are not fun to play at all. Sure, there are a few gems; Afghan is actually a beautifully well done map, and Estate, despite being edged towards long range combat, still allows you to be shifty and hunt down campers. Sub Base is great, and easy to spot and take out anyone who decides to hide. Terminal isn’t bad either (although not great), and it just goes downhill from there.

Maps like Favela, Invasion and Rundown try to capture the “who’s lurking in the windows” fear… but a bit too much. There are so many buildings to hide in in those maps that you can never really tell when you’re going to get picked off. And anti-camp hunting? It’s actually quite annoying to try. Underpass also suffers from this, and tries to be a mid-range level with the alleyways and cover, but it’s too easy for someone to pick you off from long range. Skidrow is a horrible offender. Despite advertising itself as a close-range combat level, it degrades into a “look, let’s stand at the other end of this long hallway and pick off the other team as they waltz in”. And there’s three areas for that to happen! And Rust… well, it’s just too open of a close range map, leaving nothing to the imagination.

And I still didn’t get to the worst map: Wasteland. Basically, there are two options: Camp at the trenches looking into the bunker, or snipe in one of the field’s large buidlings, where everyone else that wants to get you is in plain sight. There is nothing right with this level. It isn’t fun, you don’t get a good pace either. And if you decide to take control of the bunker, you’ll get rushed from the outside trenches by grenades.

Look, I’m not asking for my Call of Duty 4 maps back. If I wanted that, I’d just go back to playing CoD4. But what I do want is the quality of map making to at least look like it’s part of the development process.

~ by The Slurpee Man on December 3, 2009.

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