49ers in the Playoffs? More likely than you think

The win today against Jacksonville puts the 49ers at 5-6. While, according to the general rule, you have to win 10 games to get a playoff berth, it looks grim, it’s not so bad for the 49ers. The luxury for the 49ers is the NFC West. Right now, they only have to keep up with Arizona. And looking at both schedules, it will be close.

First of all, the 49ers have to win next week. They play the Seahawks at Seattle, which is a very winnable game for the 49ers. On the other hand, the Cardinals play the Vikings. A loud cry of “YES” was uttered when I saw that, especially since after next week, the Cardinals go to Candlestick to play the 49ers in San Francisco on the Monday night game. If the 49ers win and the Cardinals lose, this becomes the season. By records, if the 49ers win, they tie the Cardinals at 7-6, but would be ahead due to head-to-head record (2-0) and division record (5-0).

There’s one worry though: The Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers have to go to Philly to play them, and this game will matter for both teams. It will be the toughest game of the year for the 49ers, and if they do win, pretty much puts the red carpet out for their route into the playoffs (as they play the Lions and Rams after). While, with help, they can lose this game safely, they really don’t have much to bank on, as the Cardinals also have the Lions and Rams, but get the Packers at home as well.

All being said, it will be tough, and I will be crossing my fingers. It’s not often that a team can go and win 6 straight. Maybe I’m being too hopeful. While it’s true that the 49ers should have played much better in their past 5 games before Jacksonville (I still can’t blame them for Minnesota), this is what they have ahead.

~ by The Slurpee Man on November 30, 2009.

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