e-Book Readers: Technology Trying to do Too Much

I’m sure you’ve all seen one of Sony’s e-Book Readers;  it seems that this Christmas season, Sony is pushing a lot of advertisment into it. In fact, Samsung, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have an e-Book reader as well (as well as some companies I’ve never heard of). This made me wonder: What is wrong with the book? Why is the e-Book Reader any more convienent, considering the price? Well, it isn’t.

It's also uglier than a book

What makes this more practical than a book? The Reader does have loading times, and long loading times at that. I don’t remember having to deal with loading times with a physical book. Yes, you can put multiple books on the Reader. But when you read a book, how long does it take? At this point, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll be wrapped up in one book for at least a day. You won’t need to carry around more than one anyways. How about cost? The Reader Pocket Edition costs $199, and e-Books will also cost a lot. Yeah, books cost money too, but will the original cost of the reader ever be offset by a slightly lower price of an e-Book?

Also, the Reader de-personalizes the book. With your book in your hand, people will know what you’re reading. They have a little door into your interests, and who knows, you might meet someone who has the same interests just based on the book you’re reading. With the Reader, nothing. Yet another way to disconnect from the world. On the bright side, nobody would laugh at you if you’re reading Twilight or you won’t get those scared looks if you’re reading The Anarchist’s Cookbook.

Although, if you're reading this, nobody will fuck with you

Sure, maybe I’m forgetting that the Reader does other things. Yeah, you can read .txt and .pdf files. Yeah, you may be able to browse the internet. Yeah, you can listen to MP3s. But we have millions of things (all in one device, may I add) that can do those anyways. And the hippies may tell me that you stop wasting paper when you have this. I’ll retort that to charge it, you won’t be using clean energy.

Should you buy one? Not unless you’re a naive hippy or need to read something really embarrassing in public.

~ by The Slurpee Man on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “e-Book Readers: Technology Trying to do Too Much”

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  2. http://xkcd.com/548/

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