The London Transit Company: The Ultimate Excercise in Arrogance

Before I get into this article, I’d like to say to my two readers that I am sorry for the absence in posts. I have started a new job in the last two weeks, and I wrote a Forza Motorsport 3 FAQ for It’s not an excuse, just sayin’.

Well, the LTC union in London, ON, has simply decided to go on strike. Not going to get into specifics (because plainly, I don’t know all the facts), but the bottom line is that they feel like they’re underpaid. Alright, for any other job, I would sympatheize.

Unfortunately, this is the LTC, which has garnered a reputation by anyone who has to take buses as shit. Yes, MacLean’s gave it a high ranking, but I’m guessing none of them has ever had to rely on a bus. There are thousands of horror stories out there about the LTC’s incompitence, how they make random unscheduled stops, taking up time from a commuter’s schedule. Not to mention all buses only run every 30 minutes, which would be fine if London had less than one hundred thousand people (which is basically the population [about 70,000] of the two major post-secondary [UWO, Fanshawe] schools alone), which isn’t the case.

Sure, maybe not all 360 thousand residents depend on it; that would be unrealistic to assume. But being a large post-secondary schooling city, you can see how this strike hurts. Which is why I couldn’t believe the arrogance of the LTC when they said that their strike “could shut Western down”. That isn’t going to happen. What they fail to understand is that, in an odd fashion, people have already profited off their absence; there have been shuttle vans randomly circulating the city. While I don’t know the schedule, it’s apparent that some Londoners believe they can do better.

The truth is, once you provide me a better service, then I’ll support you trying to get a raise from your $30/hour wage… wait, $30 an hour? Sure, it may be not be a conservative figure, but it’s realistic. If this is true, then it’s impossible for me to support any reasoning the LTC has behind their strike.

*sigh* …I miss the TTC.

~ by The Slurpee Man on November 18, 2009.

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