A New NFL Losing Culture?

Last year at about this time, the halfway point of the NFL season, we were wondering if the Lions were going to go winless. Yeah, there were other teams like the Rams and the Raiders who were also at the bottom of the league, but they had a win at least. This year, it’s a different story. The Rams, Buccanners and Titans are all winless, while the Chiefs, Lions, Browns and Redskins join them at the bottom class of the league. What is causing this?

Well, the schedule is usually a problem. And this year, a lot of teams are either getting an insanely hard road, or an easy pathway. While most of the teams I mentioned before fall into this, the Redskins could hardly get away with it. They had a 5 game stretch where they played teams that had no wins in a season. Sure, they have two wins, but to two of the worst teams in the league; the Rams and the Buccanners. There was a sign up during the last Redskins game that said “Let Ovechkin call the plays!” Well, at the pace he’s flying through the NHL, that might not be a bad choice.

J. Campbell: "What's the playcall, coach?"Ovechkin: "GO DEEP!"

How about the biggest surprise of the NFL season? Nobody, after seeing the Titans cruise to a 13-3 record would have thought they’d be one of the worst teams in the league the next year. How big of a loss do Albert Haynesworth and Jim Schwartz look right now? Well, I don’t think that’s the big problem. Yes, it may have related to a few more losses, but to be this bad? Especially considering they have one of the most experienced head coaches in the league.

Change, on the other hand, seems to be the downfall of the Buccanners. They were 9-7 last season, and not on the downturn. Yeah, Jon Gruden did some things that may be questionable, but the team wasn’t bad. Raheem Morris really hasn’t handled this team well, the lack of a starting quarterback hurts, and firing your offensive co-ordinator before the season even starts looks horrible now. This team really has nothing going for them.

As for the other teams, this isn’t horribly surprising. The Lions are still rebuilding in a strong division, and they do have a win they shouldn’t have gotten. The Rams are in the same situation, except without a win, and if they lose to the Lions this weekend, consider them a great candidate for the 0-16 season. The Chiefs have a new coach, new quarterback and a new system. They do show promise, bringing Dallas into overtime and then beating the Redskins the next week. The Browns… well, they’re cursed.

What will happen? Well, I can see two teams going winless, but that’s very unlikely. Instead, I think the Rams will go 0-16, schedule with a bad team pretty much puts them in a hole. If they lose to the Lions, they will likely inherit the throne.

~ by The Slurpee Man on October 31, 2009.

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