Fantasy Football: A Cruel Game

Let me set the scene for you: I’ve got a bunch of favourable match-ups. Eli Manning and Mario Manningham are playing the lowly Raiders, and are set for big days. Hines Ward and the Steelers DST have an amazing match-up against the Lions. I’m favoured against my opponent by 29 points. I’m ecstatic, because I’m 1-3 to this point, and need a win for a comeback. And for once, all my players performed to expectations (except Lendale White, which didn’t matter). I was having a good day.

Meet Miles Austin. A relatively unknown wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, but due to the absence of Roy Williams, he was starting today. My opponent took him off waivers just an hour before the Sunday games started. I didn’t think about it at the time, because hey, I felt that Tony Romo was playing inconsistently, and if he was going to have a good game anyways, it was probably only going to be 60 yards and a TD. 250 yards and two touchdowns later, he proved me wrong.

Single handedly ruined my fantasy football season

Killing all chances

I’ve never been exceptionally great with fantasy football, despite my excessive love for the NFL. Even when I do get the great match-ups, I end up with the worst of luck. Last year, I somehow picked up the Giants DST and DeAngelo Williams off waivers, drafted well, and even went 8-6. Yet, I still didn’t make the playoffs. This year, I had an even better draft. With the talks of LaDanian Tomlinson being back to form, Lendale possibly having another big year, and Philip Rivers maturing as a great QB, I was excited when I had them all on my team. Yet I’m 1-4 now because they’ve all done horribly (except Rivers).

I’ve now made a promise to myself: Never, under any circumstance, be confident with any sports prediction I make. No matter how likely I am to be right, something always goes wrong, and it ends up destroying my prediction.


~ by The Slurpee Man on October 11, 2009.

One Response to “Fantasy Football: A Cruel Game”

  1. I know how you feel. I sat Roddy White in two leagues. He got 33 fantasy points; and if I had played him in both games, I would have won.

    However, those two teams aren’t the only two teams I have so I’m not too too mad.

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