Getting some frustrations out…

Yeah, my life is average. I’m a bored, unemployed 19 year old. I guess I can start at the unemployed part. Sure, I have a long time to get a job, and it’s only October, but I’ve been job hunting the hardest and most thorough I ever have in my life. I’ve been putting in resume after resume in. I’ve been taking all the steps to make sure I’ve gotten a call back. I’m desperate, out of school, and available all hours. How many calls for interviews have I gotten? Zero. It’s just disheartening to keep hoping for a call every day, yet nothing.

It’s not just the money that I want a job for, but the need to be somewhere during the day. Right now, since my best friend works during the day, most times, we don’t get out until after 5 or so. I’m stuck waking up at 9 or so (set an alarm for it, because otherwise, I’d be sleeping farther and feeling more horribly), and then figuring out that I’ve got nothing to do. It’s just so horribly boring.

Im not getting the Playboy picture up.

I'm not getting the Playboy picture up.

But enough about my life, there’s something else I want to get to. What was Playboy thinking when they decided to make Marge Simpson the cover “model” for November? Sure, I love The Simpsons, maybe more than the next guy, but this is just teasing my childhood. It was bad enough when searching Marge Simpson on Google Images resulted in millions of poorly drawn sex images of her, but now, I’ll never be able to look at Marge the same… although that episode where she got breast implants will make more sense.

Let’s just all hope that Homer doesn’t get a spread on Playgirl… *shudders*

~ by The Slurpee Man on October 9, 2009.

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